Author: Daniel Bandle, CEO AXA Mexico

AXA Mexico goes Uber Mexico

Playing a key role in improving road safety.

AXA Mexico has made a strong positive impact on society over the past years. This is an important contribution in a country where 70% of circulating vehicles are not insured and where the number of roadside deaths reported per year is 16,000.

When we started our discussions with Uber four months ago, the intention of both parties was preventive - focused on reducing the number of Uber claims in Mexico - while also guaranteeing insurance cover for drivers, passengers and third parties in case of an accident.

On October 16th, AXA launched the rollout of this new cover in Monterrey and will reach 36 cities in the months to come, protecting 250,000 Uber drivers and some 7 million users. Only Mexico City and Mexico State receive this cover from a different insurer. Our highly sophisticated insurance product, fully financed by Uber, is activated when the driver turns on his Uber App. An extensive communication campaign has been launched to inform drivers and to reassure riders that from now on they do not need to worry about who pays if an accident occurs during an Uber ride.


Uber entered the Mexican market in 2013 and has been growing exponentially ever since. Mexico is the third most important market of Uber at a global level, following the United States and Brazil. It should reach its full potential in the coming 18 months:  Uber is expecting to more than double the number of drivers, thus reaching 500,000.

AXA feels proud to contribute to the better protection of drivers and passengers - and hence the safety on Mexican roads in general.

Our local partnership with Uber complements the one AXA Group formalised globally in July 2017. It proves once again that AXA is a leading insurance company with the ability to develop innovative solutions to protect entrepreneurs and actors of new economies, start ups and digital companies that are disrupting the status quo. Mexico is the 4th initiative of the global Uber partnership and the largest in terms of number of trips protected.