Author: Daniel Bandle, CEO AXA Mexico


“A man with a gun appeared beside my car window as I was queuing to drive onto a highway. I accelerated to get away and hit the side barrier of the road. The crash caused damage to the front door and the wheel”.  This is what an AXA customer told Luis Angel Flores, our Motor Claims Expert (ajustador), when he arrived to check the customer’s car. In Mexico, an insured person who has a car accident will not call the police, but rather his/her insurer. AXA employs 454 “ajustadores” nationwide. When alerted, they go to the scene of the accident by car, by motorbike and sometimes even by bike to assist the customer: they check and document what happened and initiate next steps. In said case, Luis Angel Flores listened to the shocked customer, assessed the damage, and checked the policy, before issuing a repair order and handing over a certificate for the customer to attend a clinic to receive medical attention.




During the first half of 2018, AXA’s ajustadores handled more than 185,000 claims. Customer satisfaction is high, rating 4.26 points out of 5.

One of their challenges given the heavy traffic in most Mexican cities is to reach the scene of the accident as safely and yet as quickly as possible. 

The time I spent with Luis Angel showed me how relevant and meaningful the work of AXA’s ajustadores is: they assist our customers in very difficult moments that require delicacy combined with a high level of professionalism.