Author: Daniel Bandle, CEO AXA Mexico


During the first two weeks of this year, I had the pleasure to inaugurate two new buildings of AXA Mexico: the office of Santa Monica in the State of Mexico, with 12 employees, and our regional base in the south of Mexico City. In the latter, our colleagues of AXA Partners and AXA Assistance will co-share this building with us, a total of 468 people. 

Nuevas oficinas AXA InsurgentesWhen I visit new buildings I always note that the look and feel is like in “my” own officethe Headquarters of AXA Mexico, where 2700 people moved two years ago. The concept is the same - a lot of light, many common areas, but, most importantly, no private offices. We now have 16 out of nearly 60 offices, amounting to 3,287 employees, working in this environment. 

AXA Mexico also offers the possibility to do home office. On the day after the earthquake in September, more than 1800 colleagues were working remotely. In a country like Mexico, this philosophy meant a huge change and I still see reactions of surprise when visitors realize that I receive them at my desk with no walls or windows. I am convinced that this approach is fully aligned with our determination to break silos, to work in multidisciplinary teams, and to put our customers and distributors first, rather than ourselves.