Author: Daniel Bandle, CEO AXA Mexico


Sunday, 1st of July 2018, will be a historical date in Mexico: Mexicans will elect a new President, both chambers of Parliament will be renewed, and Mexico City’s Mayor and 8 State Governors will be newly appointed. There will also be local elections. In total, more than 3,400 public office appointments will be made.

Nuevas oficinas AXA InsurgentesAt AXA Mexico, we are neutral and do not support any candidate or party. 

However, we will talk to as many candidates as possible and convey to them, why we believe insuring more Mexicans should form part of their agenda: Insurance penetration in Mexico is far too low. It is unacceptable that in 70% of road accidents the victims remain unprotected, that only 10% of the population can afford health insurance, and that a large majority of Mexicans leave their family without revenues when they pass away. While as insurers we have the duty to launch simpler and more affordable products, authorities must create incentives to acquire protection products and enforce compulsory insurance for vehicles and against natural catastrophes. I am convinced that irrespective of his or her political outlook, no candidate can be opposed to protecting people who may become victims of accidents, hurricanes or crime. I am looking forward to talking to the candidates and their teams and will be reinforcing AXA’s long-term commitment to Mexico.