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Mexicans not only work longest, but at the same time, they have few days off:


Mexico ranks first in the number of hours worked by year: Whereas Mexicans work 2148 hours, the French work 1520, the Spaniards 1701 hours, and the average of all OECD countries is 1734.


Labour productivity is low in Mexico: The GDP per head of population was 17,300 USD in 2018, in France it was 38,400 USD, in Spain 34,400 USD and the OECD average was 39,600 USD.


Statutory minimum paid leave and public holidays are 13 in Mexico, while in the UK 37, in France and Spain 36, and in Germany 33.


In summer, Mexicans only take few days off, business life goes on as usual. Traffic is lighter, though, since schools have long summer breaks and many parents struggle to take care of their children while pursuing their professional duties in July and August.


AXA Mexico wants to be the preferred employer to attract and retain the best talent. As a consequence, all our employees are entitled to 12 public holidays. On top, the AXA holiday allowance depends on years of service: from 1 to 9 years of service, all receive 15 days; increasing to 20 days during years 10 to 14; and thereafter, 25 days.


I am always impressed of AXA Mexico’s workforce for being so hard working, motivated and engaged.