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With your donation we can increase the number of people who benefit from our social programs on Health and Life, Reconstruction, Resilience and Safe Mobility.

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The AXA Mexico Foundation is licensed to accept donations, so you can request a tax-deductible receipt by sending an email to with the subject line “REQUEST FOR TAX-DEDUCTIBLE RECEIPT”, including the following data and attachments:


- Complete name

- Complete Fiscal Address

- RFC (Federal Taxpayer Registry)

- Proof of transfer


All receipts must be issued in the name of the holder of the account from which the donation is debited. All contributions are tax deductible. For donations over MXN 120,000, the AXA Mexico Foundation will request ID information and documents of the donor, pursuant to the Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations from Illicit Sources.


The Law on Income Tax (LISR Art. 151-III) considers donations made by individuals as personal deductions capped at 7% of the income accumulated during the previous fiscal year (regardless of deductions allowed under other concepts, e.g. tuitions, medical expenses).”


For example:


Ana López would like to donate to the AXA Mexico Foundation; however, she isn´t sure about the tax-deductible limit for donations:

Ana can make donations for any amount she wants; however, she will only be able to deduct MXN 63,000 as personal deductions; in other words, up to 7% of her income.