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Why Resilience?

Due to its location, Mexico is exposed to different natural phenomena that pose a risk to its population:


- Hurricanes, floods and earthquakes cause 89% of the deaths and 93% of the economic losses related to natural disasters each year.

- Two-thirds of the country and more than 37 million people face the constant risk of experiencing a large-scale earthquake in the next ten years.

- Mexico is one of the most vulnerable countries to the adverse effects of climate change: 15% of the territory, 68% of the population and 71% of GDP are exposed to the risks associated with climate change.


How do we help?


At the AXA Mexico Foundation, we help the most in need


The tropical depression 19-E that passed by the coasts of the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean in September 2018 left several victims and damages due to the heavy rains. This tropical depression caused severe floods in several states in the north of the country, among which Sinaloa was one of most affected. An emergency status was declared in more than 11 of its municipalities.


As a response to this emergency, the AXA Mexico Foundation provided support to the affected population, in cooperation with the National Coordination of Civil Protection (Coordinación Nacional de Protección Civil) and the National System for the Integral Development of the Family (Sistema Nacional para el Desarrollo Integral de la Familia -DIF) of Culiacán. As the food need was already covered, the AXA Foundation provided cleaning products for the repair of damages and gave support of the population. Thanks to this donation, we could prevent the proliferation of diseases and recover flooded spaces.


We donated a total of 5,000 cleaning products, which included 1,000 chlorine bottles, 1,000 disinfectant bottles, 500 broomsticks, 500 mops and 2,000 solid soaps. We gathered those products in the central DIF office in Culiacán, which was used as the state collection center; the DIF helped us distribute the products to damaged communities.



The AXA Mexico Foundation is working together with governmental institutions, ONGs, the academia and the private sector to identify and activate projects that help people, communities and cities to increase their resilience.


Among the main actions we have taken is the signing of an alliance with the Mexican Red Cross in 2016 to analyze and activate projects intended to mitigate common risks that can save lives and help protect the most vulnerable.


Reanimando Corazones (Reviving Hearts): in 2017 the AXA Mexico Foundation, the Mexican Red Cross and the Mexico City Government organized a public training session in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR or RCP for its initials in Spanish) “Reviving Hearts We Save Lives” in which 13,000 people participated at the Revolution Monument in Mexico City. This event invited children, women, young people and adults to learn a simple technique to help save lives in case of a cardiopulmonary arrest.



We also work hand in hand with the National Coordination of Civil Protection (Coordinación Nacional de Protección Civil) and National Center for Prevention of Disasters (Centro Nacional de Prevención de Desastres - CENAPRED) to design projects that reduce the risks of natural disasters.


Since 2011, the AXA Mexico Foundation has collaborated to face emergencies caused by different natural phenomena: Hurricane “Jova” in Jalisco (2011), floods in Tabasco and Veracruz (2011), earthquake in Guerrero (2012), forest fires in San Luis Potosí (2013), storms “Ingrid” and “Manuel” (2013), Hurricane “Odile” in Baja California (2014), Hurricane “Patricia” in Jalisco (2015), and the earthquakes on September 7th and 19th in Oaxaca and Mexico City (2017).


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