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Your contribution is used to support the full reconstruction of one of the communities most affected by the earthquakes of September 2017, Unión Hidalgo, Oaxaca.

Why Unión Hidalgo?

The earthquakes of September left 78 people dead and more than 800,000 affected in Oaxaca.  One of the most affected communities is Unión Hidalgo, half an hour away from Juchitán.  13,970 people live there and more than half of their homes were destroyed, in addition to schools, clinics and the market.


How are we doing it?

At Fundación AXA México we have joined forces with other foundations, together with the community itself, to fully rebuild Unión Hidalgo.  We are seeking the development of the community’s infrastructure, its economy and the protection of its environment.

For this purpose the project includes:

- Reconstruction of around 550 houses with resilient architecture and building materials

- Insurance against fire, earthquake and floods for all rebuilt houses

- Repair and reconstruction of classrooms and schools

- Development of productive projects

The reconstruction has faced significant challenges, such as scarcity of manpower and increases in the price of building materials. But we will continue our efforts. We have brought construction specialists from other Mexican states to Unión Hidalgo and this has allowed us to make progress toward our goal.


As of end of May 2018, 15 houses have been delivered and 48 more are under construction; work has also been done on 21 schools!

Embroidery projects and production of baskets and hammocks have begun …

…in addition to different activities with the children of the community