What we do?

At AXA Mexico Foundation we redefine the way we relate to government and society in order to contribute to resolving public challenges. We design measurable, replicable and impactful projects that improve the quality of life for Mexicans.    


Our social impact strategy is built upon three pillars of action: ensuring broad access for everyone to quality healthcare, reducing the risks of natural phenomena and the impact of climate change, and promoting safe mobility. 


Health and Life

We design projects to improve people’s health. Specifically, through the Hacer para Nacer Project we designed an intervention in highly marginalized medical centers to reduce infant morbimortality through 4 pillars: 1) supply of biomedical equipment and supplies; 2) training of healthcare professionals and nurses, 3) scholarship to additional medical staff to transfer knowledge and support everyday activities, and 4) remodeling of the hospital to reduce its exposure to natural disaster and health risks.



We designed a 3-phase reconstruction project in Unión Hidalgo after the 2017 earthquakes: 1) emergency services, 2) reconstruction of the social fabric, infrastructure and economy, and 3) recovery and development of skills and local economies.



We work with civil society organizations, academia, private sector and governmental institutions to identify and launch projects that help people, communities and cities in the country increase their capacity to overcome traumatic experiences.


Safe Mobility

We support Reacciona por la Vida to improve our road safety.