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Every day Mexicans must face a public menace that threatens the lives and tranquility of everyone: the deaths and injuries caused by traffic accidents. According to unofficial figures, in Mexico every year there are more than 3 million traffic accidents and authorities indicate that every year more than 15,800 lives are lost from this cause. Many of those killed are minors.

- Traffic accidents are the second cause of death among the age groups from 5 to 34 years old.

- 50% of people who die in traffic accidents are parents, which significantly impacts the quality of life of more than 8,000 families.

- It is the 4th cause of disability in Mexico, since more than 30,000 people suffer serious permanent injuries  

- 75% of those who become disabled from traffic accidents are not able to find employment again.


In order to help decrease the deaths and injuries from traffic accidents, Fundación AXA México supports Reacciona por la Vida, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to contribute to the improvement of road safety, through public policy actions in prevention and raising citizen awareness. The mission of Reacciona por la Vida is to make road safety a national priority so that the tragedies of the victims, survivors and their families are not repeated.