AXA Seguros Mexico Acceso Cliente

When we launched AXA Keralty – our new integrated health offering in Mexico - last August, we all thought the main pillar of our offer would be the clinics. Today, teleconsultations have become the most important part. I just visited one of our clinics in Mexico City, where we still treat patients, but where our doctors now also undertake up to 1000 teleconsultations per week. Dr. Leslie Becerril has been working at AXA Keralty since its launch. Two weeks ago, she started to help our clients via video. “To be honest, I prefer the personal face-to-face consultation, because it allows me not only to see and question but also to examine the patient. Via video, I have to ask more questions in order to make the right diagnosis. On the other hand, patients are more confident via video”. Dr. Becerril gave me a teleconsultation. She answered my questions about the coronavirus in a professional and competent way, the quality of the audio and the video were excellent, she reassured me and gave valuable advice. Most of the consultations these days are about respiratory diseases.



Telemedicine is booming in Mexico, too, due to Covid-19. AXA Keralty’s offer is unique: The doctors are the ones working in our clinics, they adhere to the same strict protocols as on-site, they have the patient’s electronic medical record at hand and update it. If necessary, the other pillars of our integrated health system can be used to follow up, i.e. the doctors, medicines and tests – at the clinic or sent to the patient’s home.

At AXA Keralty, we have diagnosed and treated a Covid-19 patient in this manner: Diagnosed a probable case in the teleconsultation, a Covid-19 test was conducted at the patient’s home. The patient tested positive for the virus, was treated remotely, every 24 hours a Doctor provides follow up via phone call to provide recommendations during its quarantine at home until making a full recovery.