AXA Seguros Mexico Acceso Cliente

I like Mexico because of the optimism, the resilience and the openness of the Mexicans. I like AXA because it listens to its employees and cares about them.

The results of the first employee satisfaction survey of AXA Group in 2019 have just been released. 66,640 employees participated globally, 3226 in Mexico. With a score of 65, the employees of AXA Mexico scored the highest e-NPS (employee net promotor score). This means that 2/3 of our employees would recommend AXA as a place to work.


Mexico had great results in the categories representing the AXA values: Customer First, Integrity, ONE AXA and Courage. A particular reason to be proud is that Mexico achieved the highest score among all AXA entities in Integrity, stating that we act following high ethical principles. I am convinced that acting in a honest way gives us a competitive advantage in our interactions with clients, distributors, providers and employees in sometimes complicated market conditions.


At AXA Mexico, we are convinced that our people are the most important capital. Our leaders spend a lot of time with the teams across the country. We seek to foster a culture of openness, trust and empowerment. But most importantly: it is so much more fun for all of us to work in an environment and with people who are skilled, content and committed.