AXA Seguros Mexico Acceso Cliente

Mexico is the 11th largest coffee producer world wide

Most coffee beans grow in southern states such as Veracruz, Guerrero and Oaxaca.


At AXA Mexico’s headquarters, we have several options to buy excellent Mexican coffee:


- Inside our office building, two coffee shops provide a large variety of products. They are operated by Passmar, a family owned business that is headquartered above its first shop in a popular market just a few kilometers away. Having won several barista awards, they serve export quality coffee from Guerrero and Veracruz. 



- In the mornings, Gabino and his brother in law, Ricardo, sell coffee from Chiapas from their mini shop in a Hyundai Atos - the coffee maker sits in the trunk of the tiny car that was transformed to be operated with gas rather than electricity.



Employees queue and chat waiting for their “americano”, cappuccino or espresso – which one tastes better, I do not dare judge…