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This week is special in Mexico, leading up to November 1st, the Day of the Dead. Mexicans remember their beloveds with carefully prepared altars. The altars contain pictures of the deceased family members and friends, and are decorated with colorful cutout paper, marigolds and their favorite foods. There are colorful parades and parties, many people dress up in skeleton costumes. Pan de muerto is a white sugary sweet bread sold in all bakeries during these days.


At AXA Mexico, we do live these traditions: in some offices there are altars to honor deceased colleagues, we all eat pan de muerto, our headquarter is decorated with the golden-yellow marigolds and there are employees who write astonishing calaveras, funny and sarcastic poems about their living colleagues and bosses... 



In Mexico, only few people have life insurance: 9m out of 120m inhabitants. At AXA, we insure more than 350,000 Mexicans against death and invalidity. 132 colleagues work in our Life department. We offer a complete range of Life products, which are mainly distributed through our agents network, which consist of 2000 professionals. Our products cover death, disability and unemployment and can be used for savings purposes, too. For our corporate customers, we have AXA AXA’s local Group Life policies. In addition, we offer the possibility to create specific employee benefits for international customer throungh the Maxis network.