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Crime levels in Mexico are still very high. Hence, fraud control is a key topic for an insurer like AXA Mexico. Our Anti-Fraud team consists of 35 colleagues, 15 of them women.


Once a year, AMIS, the Mexican Insurance Association, grants fraud detection awards. In December 2019, AXA once again was among the companies recognized by AMIS: the antifraud team received the first and the third prize in the category Motor Insurance. Both awards related to the detection of a gang that caused collisions in a very sophisticated manner. These “redes montachoques” provoked crashes and then called the insurance companies who send their inspectors (ajustadores) to the site to evaluate the damage. Since AXA offers a unique customer friendly service paying the claim instantaneously, we were a preferred target of these criminals. I congratulate our colleagues in the Anti-Fraud team, as well the employees in the Claims area for their teamwork: They identified and blocked 15 such gangs in Mexico City alone. 



Unlike in many other countries, in Mexico there are no estimates available on the quantity of fraudulent claims. At AXA we work hard to protect the large honest majority of our more than 6 million insured clients by combatting fraudulent customers. The AXA Mexico Antifraud team uses modern data based technology to detect fraudulent behaviors and we train our employees to report suspicious behaviors.  In 2019, claims worth nearly 450m pesos were found to be fraudulent and hence not paid.