AXA Seguros Mexico Acceso Cliente

Digitization is a key topic for any financial transaction today, and insurance is no exception. This has become even more evident during the Covid-19 lockdown. At AXA Mexico, we have made fast progress in this field; in one of my former blogs I wrote about the digital signature our teams introduced for Health and Life insurance.

Insurance agents remain the most important sales channel of AXA Mexico. During the first semester of 2020, agents were able to increase sales by more than 7%.  Digital and the traditional agents channel evolved hand in hand during the lockdown. The “ENTER” initiative is a training program put in place by millennial colleagues within our distribution department aimed at familiarizing agents with digital tools. The content includes training on how to make the best use of social media, how to build a digital marketing plan and how to advice prospects and customers remotely.

Results are quite remarkable: 740 agents have passed a certification, so far. Their average age is 46, 10 years less than the average of all Mexican agents. They created a digital community in which they continue to exchange best practices. And most important: their results in terms of productivity and growth have been even better than those of the agent channel as a whole.



This encouraging outcome shows that it is possible to combine modern digital tools with professional sales advice carried out by traditional agents. Agents will continue to play a crucial role moving forward. Insurance is a people business, particularly in Mexico. In our country, personal relationships are important. At the same time, insurance penetration is very low. Financial education and advice given by people you trust, using state-of-the art digital tools is therefore the way to move forward in today’s market.