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Specialized health services offer excellent care in Mexico, both in public and in private hospitals. However, costs are high and access is restricted.


Mexicans spend little on healthcare, only 5.4% of GDP, compared to 8.8% in OECD countries. Yet, what Mexicans spend on health is very much out of the pocket, at 45%, it ranks second highest in the OECD.


Obesity rates are very high in Mexico, leading to rocketing levels of chronic diseases such as diabetes, which is the main cause of death in the age group 45 to 65.


Primary care is almost inexistent: The specialized hospitals are focused on treating the seriously ill, public hospitals have long waiting times, and an HMO-system like in the US is inexistent.


At AXA, we want to contribute solving these issues by launching AXA Keralty, an integrated, new health system, focusing on primary care. Its three components are:


- Omni-channel access to insurance and health services, including an electronical medical record via phone, app and internet.

- An external network of doctors, pharmacies and hospitals.

- AXA Keralty’s medical centers for primary care.


This month, we are opening our first three medical centers in Mexico City. By the end of the year, two more will be added. Our plan is to have 50 centers operational by the end of 2023. AXA Mexico has entered a long-term partnership with Keralty, a pioneer in providing primary health care services, operating more than 120 medical centers in seven countries.


At AXA Mexico, we are very excited to extend healthcare to more Mexicans - aligned with AXA Mexico’s mission to better protect more Mexicans as well as AXA Group’s strategy to move from Payer to Partner. Now, I want to offer a very warm welcome to our colleagues from AXA Keralty.


For more information please refer to AXA Mexico's press release in Spanish or AXA Group's press release in English.